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Patyka After Sun Repairing Balm


Clinically proven soothing effect from the 1st application*.

Discover the new favourite skin care product for skin that has been overheated by sunbathing.

Its triple-action formula instantly soothes the sensation of overheating, repairs sun-related skin damage and strengthens the tan for a brighter, longer-lasting glow.

Rich in omega 3 and carotenoids, organic French Sea Buckthorn provides a "firewall" effect while stimulating the natural production of melanin. A duo of plant-based Bisabolol and UEBT-certified Organic Shea Butter intensely soothes, nourishes and comforts the skin. Finally, the antioxidant Green Micro-Algae prevents skin ageing.

Upon application, the skin is instantly soothed and infinitely soft and comfortable. The tan is sublimated: it is more intense and prolonged.

Its melting and enveloping balm texture is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

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