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Patyka Bouche A Bouche- Lip Balm


Enriched with Organic Plum and French Organic Sunflower Oils, the "Bouche à Bouche" Lip Balm nourishes and intensely repairs chapped and damaged lips, smoothes and plumps, protects against the cold and provides immediate relief to avoid any sensation of discomfort.

Its melting oil balsam texture, with a soft vanilla and fruity fragrance, forms a protective, smoothing and non-sticky film for a long-lasting shield effect.

Result? As soon as it is applied, facilitated by the bevelled tip, lips are soothed and plumped, durably nourished and protected.

Committed to local, responsible and organic agriculture, PATYKA has selected Organic Plum and Organic Sunflower Vegetable Oils, whose the seeds grown and pressed in France. Obtained by first cold pressing, these virgin oils are exceptionally rich in vitamin E and fatty acids that protect, nourish and repair dry and damaged skin.

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